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Nonprofit Bookkeeping & Accounting Services.

Get the benefit of highly competent accountants for a fraction of the price & overhead. We ensure nonprofits have the tools they need to partner with our team for effective financial record keeping and strategic planning.

Grant Management Services

Grants are a key source of funding for nonprofit organizations. Effectively tracking your grants will help your organization ensure you never miss a deadline and that all of the funds are used for the appropriate projects. Our grant management system for nonprofits will deliver excellent financial records for your board, grantors, and donors.

Save Time & Staff Expenses

Outsourcing your accounting to Rivera Tax & Finance will dramatically reduce staff expenditures.

Attract Better Grants & Donors

Our Non-Profit accounting will provide decision-makers with key information to understand an organization’s financial state, assess funding streams, and develop strategies. Our long-term strategic accounting plan links a nonprofit’s mission with the past, present, and future.

California Non-Profit Accounting Service

Rivera Tax & Finance specializes in providing Accounting Services for Nonprofits, which allows them to formalize their financial operations, improve the quality of their financial statements and reduce their operation costs.

Reduce Operation Costs & Head Count

By choosing Rivera Tax & Finance service for Nonprofits, your board & executive team can invest in front-facing, meaningful staff, rather than administration staff.

By outsourcing your non-profit Accounting to Rivera Tax & Finance, you'll have better financials, less overhead and your year-end will be significantly better.

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Problems We Solve:

Disjointed financial records between staff & accounting.

Internal staff are often in-efficient, amateur bookkeepers.

Year-end 990's or tax returns are late, filed improperly, or not done to required standards.

Small businesses overpay in taxes from a lack of pro-active tax reduction planning.

Non-Profits lose grants from poor record keeping.

Bookkeeping is inaccurate & consumes too much time from the team.

Small businesses have surprise tax bills or tax refunds.

Cash flow & bank statements don't match the bookkeeping.